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Maryland Podiatrist - Burton Katzen, DPMDr. Katzen is a native Washingtonian who comes from a medical family. His father, Dr. Bernard Katzen, practiced family medicine for 50 years in southeast Washington. His brother is an oncologist. His nephew is a radiologist, and cousins who are an opthamologist, a dentist, and a hematologist. Dr. Katzen also had an uncle, Dr. Cyrus Katzen, who practiced dentistry in Washington for many years.

Dr. Katzen attended The Bullis Preparatory School, George Washington University, and The Temple School of Podiatric Medicine graduating in 1971. Following graduation, Dr. Katzen served a surgical recidency at the prestigious Grand Community Hospital for Special Surgery in Detroit, Michigan. He presently serves on the alumni boards of Bullis and Temple.

Dr. Katzen coached many different youth sports, but his first love has always been baseball. He coached baseball for eighteen years including eight years as the head coach of American Legion Post 105. He has been married to his wife Wendy for 39 years and has two grown children, both attorneys. His son Adam graduated and played baseball at Lehigh University, and his daughter Arlyn was The Washington Post athlete of the week while in high school and was an All Ivy softball player while attending The University of Pennsylvania. His number one hobby at this time are his three budding athlete granddaughters, Blake, Brynn, and Charly.

Dr. Katzen is board certified in ambulatory foot surgery. He specializes in minimal incision foot surgery, which allows many common foot procedures to be performed with a fluoroscope through a small incision with minimal trauma, scaring, and down time. He is the only certified master surgeon in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia in the Hyprocure minimally invasive flatfoot correction procedure (arthroereisis). He also is skilled in the use of the laser for eliminating nail fungus and has several years experience in extra corporial shock wave therapy (ESWT) for the non surgical treatment of plantar fasciitis/heel spur syndrome. (To learn more about HyProCure you can visit their website at

4302 St. Barnabas Road
Temple Hills, MD 20738
(301) 423-9494

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